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  • La Pristine is pleased to announce the launch of the new and fortified, Redenser+. Redenser+ combines the existing formula with potent plus factors that work together to activate the stem cell, facilitate hair growth and provide the optimum nutrition to that growth. Alopecia is an affliction that involves progressive hair loss and has long been associated with middle age. This condition is now widening to include young adults as well as teenagers, raising concerns among the dermatologists. While there are several treatment options at hand, Redenser has proven to be the

  • At La Pristine, we have always strived to find innovative solutions to common skin problems. We launched in Xtralite in 2018 as a novel treatment to Melasma and Hyperpigmentation. Xtralite combined two powerful ingredients to become a potent treatment for patients. Notwithstanding, we went a step further in creating Xtralite Mild- aimed for treating those with sensitive skin. Xtralite Mild contains the same two core ingredients- Azelaic Acidand Tretinoin- along with the added benefits of TRIglyphix® Sense, Bisabolol, BIORAN Infla-Care, Aloe Vera Gel, Hyluronic acid, Glycogen, Oat oil, Argan oil, Shea

  • With a further foray into the acne care segment, La Pristine expands the Lacne range with a new product- the Lacne Body Spray. This body spray provides a unique application system with a wider spray angle to provide care to those hard to reach acne prone body areas. A significant majority of acne patients suffer from truncal acne and the Lacne Body Spray provides the solution. Lacne Body Spray consists for Azelaic acid, Mandelic acid, Salicylic acid and D-Panthenol that come together to provide a 360 degree acne treatment. Caution: Please consult

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