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Dealing with Facial Irritation from Wearing Face Masks

Wearing a facial mask is an everyday necessity for most people now. However, wearing a mask for extended periods of time has resulted in facial irritations, especially in people with sensitive skin. Such irritation can include acne, rashes and infections.

There can be two primary reasons for this:

  • The material of the mask is unsuitable to the nature of your skin. In this scenario, it is important to choose the right fabric. A good fabric should be light, breathable and soft. Cloth face masks made from cotton should ideally be suitable and you should avoid synthetic coverings that use polyester and nylon.
  • The humidity caused by the mask can create an environment for the development of such irritation. Therefore, it is important to:
    • Regularly cleanse your face, especially after removing the mask.
    • Use a moisturizer before applying the mask, especially at the bridge of the nose.
    • Reapply a moisturizer every few hours.

It is always advisable to consult your dermatologist, especially if the irritation worsens. Since wearing a mask is one of the best precautions we can take, we may also have to take better care of our skin under that mask.

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